Do I have anything important to say?

…probably not, but that’s never stopped me before ūüôā

An old blogger friend (Maggi at Just Add Glitter and Stir) turned up today…was happy to discover she’s still blogging.

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how I’ve been using my time productively (over the past 3 months):

tried to grow an avocado tree from a seed, managed a root but never anything else


observed in ceiling area at grandson’s basketball game, that was one tricky shot ūüôā


back yard mushroom, I discovered from a friend, with a scientific mind, that trees use mushrooms (the root system) to communicate…with each other…amazing


I’ve had a request to show an update on the native landscaping in the front yard…so I’ll try to get a photo of that today


maybe some photos of the artwork I’ve done lately


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believe it…

or not

this hugh electrical line, with the tree growing over it (as seen in my header), is located behind my next door neighbors backyard. ¬†The electric company was here recently pruning back the trees behind our lots¬†and when they left I realized they hadn’t tackled what appears to be a major problem for this¬†electric line. ¬†Surely it’s not a good thing to have the tree growing over the line, but on the other hand maybe it¬†required more expertise than the tree pruners had. ¬†So I figure if they don’t come back sometime in the next six months I’ll call and see what the electrical company has to say.

Regarding the weather, west central Floridians have had a warm winter this year. ¬†My poor allergy prone dachshund¬†has been besieged by pollen since February. ¬†The good thing about the warmer weather is the lower heating bills and the fact that the humidity is down this time of year and I’ve been able to leave a window open during the day. ¬†And to my delight I’ve heard the birds singing, I believe there must be at least one nest in the live oak tree…I’m hopeful anyway.

Resistance is NEVER futile!!!

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Web Results for the word:

fear [feer]


1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

2. a specific instance of or propensity for such a feeling: an abnormal fear of heights.

3. concern or anxiety; solicitude: a fear for someone’s safety.

4. reverential awe, especially toward God: the fear of God.

5. something that causes feelings of dread or apprehension; something a person is afraid of: Cancer is a common fear.

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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” -Mark Twain

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Sometimes, I try to remember when it was, exactly, that I first felt fear. ¬†When did the dark fingers of fear first grip my mind, holding it in thrall for all¬†these many years. ¬†When did parents/adults saying, “Don’t do this,” “Don’t do that” morph into fear of doing that very thing.

There was a time when I climbed trees with no fear of height,  when I crawled into my toy box and went to sleep, with no fear of small spaces, when did that change?

Change it did though, until fear became an almost paralyzing force.

And aging has changed it once again, into prudence.¬† Of course I looked prudence up and found that it quite nicely fits my current attitude regarding fear. ¬†What I fear today has less to do about me and much, much more to do with the state of the country where I live. ¬† I was not blind sided by our current situation, I’ve seen it coming for years.

 But what to do now?

For me, I will begin with the COURAGE to MASTER FEAR and RESIST!

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beneath my feet…

red berries missed by the birds?


winter is over, heat and humidity looms, as the live oak tree throws pollen to the wind and Baron suffers from his multitudinous allergies

I look down at the fallen leaves that crunch¬†under my¬†weight…SNAP!

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my mission…

for 2017

For anyone still coming by my blog, be happy I didn’t post anything during the month of January. ¬†The political atmosphere in this country (USA) has caught me up¬†and wrung me out. And this is only day 18 of the new administration, with 1424 days left to go.

So far an in-law has stated that people that believe as I do are “whiny and hysterical.” ¬†A senator from the state of Florida has stated that people who believe as I do are “left wing extremists.” ¬†I offer no apologies for believing as I do. ¬†I will understand if anyone ‘following’ me wishes to ‘unfollow’ me, that’s the beauty of the button.

I reserve the right (until it’s taken away from me) to state my opinions on this blog. ¬†Be assured that I lean toward a subtle approach (most of the time).

So here we are…today…6 February 2017. ¬†And after seeing the post of someone I follow I decided to take the quote they shared and use it as my mantra for the remainder of the year. ¬†The quote,

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ¬†-Thich Nhat Hahn

I choose to spend my year photoing/drawing what’s happening at earth level. However, I will not be taking my eye off of what’s happening politically in the USA.

Thank you,

Theanne L Crossett and Baron

PS to Ste J, I’m rereading ‘1984’

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somewhere in the world…

tree leaves are turning gorgeous, stunning, eye-candy colors

where¬†there’s more than a hint of coolness in the air

somewhere in the world

this is happening

after all it is the middle of September on the northerly side of the equator


like me, you live closer to the equator

then not-so-much with the leaves turning or the coolness in the air

it’s more like,

“is this gosh awful humidity ever, ever, ever going to end”

“is this gosh awful heat¬†ever, ever, ever going to end”

“will I ever, ever, ever be able to put on my Halloween costume without melting

“will it ever, ever, ever¬†snow in Florida”

the answer is “no” “no” “no” and “no”


actually that’s not entirely accurate, because for about 2 weeks in January and/or February there’s no humidity, no heat, no melting, and you guessed it…no snow*!!!

*however, according to my DIL, who is a Florida native, somewhere back in antiquity it did actually snow in Florida. ¬†Didn’t see it so who knows ūüôā


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sometime if you’ve got a spare minute I have another blog located here:

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Labor Day 2016

nothing says


like laundry labor…in the days before washing machines


so thank you to all the women and men, of the past and present, who were/are “up to their¬†elbows in suds” so we all could/can wear clean clothes

 Labor Day Link

Wringer Washer Link 

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