backyard spring…

weeds, et cetera


What then is a weed?  According to Wikipedia it’s a ‘plant considered undesirable in a particular situation. “a plant in the wrong place”‘


Except in my backyard where weeds, mushrooms (fungi) and some kind of strange grass seem to thrive.  Perhaps because my backyard has become a rather large compost bin, where oak leaves, dead oak twigs and various and sundry other, once living, things disappear back into the soil.  What’s it called…


… decomposition and decay and out of it can come intriguing communities of fungi…like these tiny mushrooms.

all the above happening in my backyard…today…weeds, et cetera!


“What is a weed?  A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.”

 –Ralph Waldo Emerson

abundant July showers bring…

(inedible) mushrooms to the backyard 🙂


since my P&S camera doesn’t do macro, this is the best I could accomplish with these tiny ‘shrooms…the largest was apx. 1/4 inch across


I think these look like Hobbit Houses


water for the fairies


to me, this looks like a sesame seed bun…not!

thankfully, so far, Baron the Dachshund has never been the least bit interested in our backyard fungi…I sincerely hope this remains true

the backyard is like a huge compost, there is some grass but I never rake the leaves from the huge oak tree so the mushrooms flourish in the decay.  what fascinates me is how many different types there are

happy Thursday 🙂

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