believe it…

or not

this hugh electrical line, with the tree growing over it (as seen in my header), is located behind my next door neighbors backyard.  The electric company was here recently pruning back the trees behind our lots and when they left I realized they hadn’t tackled what appears to be a major problem for this electric line.  Surely it’s not a good thing to have the tree growing over the line, but on the other hand maybe it required more expertise than the tree pruners had.  So I figure if they don’t come back sometime in the next six months I’ll call and see what the electrical company has to say.

Regarding the weather, west central Floridians have had a warm winter this year.  My poor allergy prone dachshund has been besieged by pollen since February.  The good thing about the warmer weather is the lower heating bills and the fact that the humidity is down this time of year and I’ve been able to leave a window open during the day.  And to my delight I’ve heard the birds singing, I believe there must be at least one nest in the live oak tree…I’m hopeful anyway.

Resistance is NEVER futile!!!

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I’m a tree hugger…

A mighty Live Oak dominates, nay possesses my backyard.  It is one of two reasons I ❤ this place, the tree and the backyard itself.

Alas, this tree has not always been treated kindly and it’s healthiness concerns me.

There are numerous “scars” like this where limbs have been cut.  

And growths such as this…I have not yet identified what they are.


And what I believe is a White Tussock Moth Caterpillar.  I’ve discovered that this caterpillar eats oak leaves.


This mighty oak has problems…if I really am a “tree hugger” am I prepared to do something about those problems?

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