stark against the sky…

gray arms reaching out

for life, too late

time has rung the death knell

and decay has long since begun

~TLCrossett 2016


photo taken at Eagle Lake Park, Pinellas County, Florida


then edited within an inch of it’s life, so it could appear here 🙂

identifying with this tree is easy for me, as I live within this aging body of mine, watching as the bloom is off the rose 🙂

~peace to one and all~

© Out Of My Mind Images 2016

black, white…

 gray 🙂

while messing about with my painterly software…Corel Painter Essentials 5…I discovered I could do this


and this


and switching to my camera I took this


black, white, gray tones…computer software, a camera…used to create images that  leave it to your imagination to see what ever you want to see

have a peaceful Sunday


© Out Of My Mind Images 2015