creative drought…

is over…at least I’m hoping so




into the forest



I feel better about life then I have for the past several years…coming to terms, perhaps, with Don’s death 7 years ago

now looking for ways I can support Senator Bernie Sanders and the Our Revolution movement

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playing with Fire…

my newest Kindle Fire that is

I’m delighted 🙂 to be able to get back to creating

Out Of My Mind Images



Madame Hoity Toity


birds of a feather…lining up for dinner


JoJo…wonder how she is


dot man

oh the joy to have no gaps where a line refused to show up and no crack across the glass which sometimes made it difficult to achieve the desired result

I had to choose between a new camera and the Fire (which takes photos front and rear) and the FIRE won 🙂

Happy Monday


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Jumping “J”


“Jack be nimble,

Jack be quick,

Jack jump over

The candlestick.”

–English language nursery rhyme (Wikipedia)

of course my Jumping “J” is getting a lot of help from a friend


my imagination


happy Wednesday/Thursday to everyone!

P.S. a little extra “J” from YouTube and Sesame Street

(with copyrights to those who created this song)


by quotes


a page from

DON and THEANNE: a love story

the very personal (small) scrapbook I’ve been working on for several months

I’m using an inexpensive journal type book (8 1/4″ x 5 1/2″).  The paper and binding are not the best and as a consequence, even though I’m a long way from completing the scrapbook, it’s falling apart.  But then isn’t that the way love sometimes is, it gets torn and frayed and one glues it back together and continues on…

have a peaceful Friday (or Saturday) wherever you are in the world


and yet another birthday…

if you can stand it

😀 😀 😀

Out Of My Mind Images

is 3 years old today

you will find my very first post HERE

with my very first OOMM Image 🙂


doodled using a Kindle art app (I still love my little French man)


on 3 April 2013, 3 other  bloggers “liked” him too, one of these bloggers is still around 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m not much for statistics but offer you these IF you’re interested:

“Follow My Blog Via Email” says this blog has 584 followers (that’s 584 emails these poor souls have to delete)

WordPress says 386 “followed your blog”  (notice the past tense)

I myself am following 235 blogs, of these 235 I manage to really keep up with around 50 (several of whom have become internet friends)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ve once again paid my domain dues so will be here for another year (do I hear groans in the peanut gallery?) 😀

I’m curious to see what I get up to this year


great granddaughter…she’s giving me the most adorable stink eye 🙂  I’m sharing this because I’m considering taking more B&W shots this year and creating more in Painter Essentials…we’ll see how it goes!



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he’s trying…

to get his exercise on


I’m rooting for him to do that sit-up,

hey Mr. Exercise Man, tighten those abdominals and lift those shoulders…

come on you can do it!

(OK, so how many years has it been since I tried to do a sit-up?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.”  –Wilhelm von Humboldt (

happy Wednesday