creative drought…

is over…at least I’m hoping so




into the forest



I feel better about life then I have for the past several years…coming to terms, perhaps, with Don’s death 7 years ago

now looking for ways I can support Senator Bernie Sanders and the Our Revolution movement

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Labor Day 2016

nothing says


like laundry labor…in the days before washing machines


so thank you to all the women and men, of the past and present, who were/are “up to their elbows in suds” so we all could/can wear clean clothes

 Labor Day Link

Wringer Washer Link 

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playing with Fire…

my newest Kindle Fire that is

I’m delighted 🙂 to be able to get back to creating

Out Of My Mind Images



Madame Hoity Toity


birds of a feather…lining up for dinner


JoJo…wonder how she is


dot man

oh the joy to have no gaps where a line refused to show up and no crack across the glass which sometimes made it difficult to achieve the desired result

I had to choose between a new camera and the Fire (which takes photos front and rear) and the FIRE won 🙂

Happy Monday


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Jumping “J”


“Jack be nimble,

Jack be quick,

Jack jump over

The candlestick.”

–English language nursery rhyme (Wikipedia)

of course my Jumping “J” is getting a lot of help from a friend


my imagination


happy Wednesday/Thursday to everyone!

P.S. a little extra “J” from YouTube and Sesame Street

(with copyrights to those who created this song)