my mission…

for 2017

For anyone still coming by my blog, be happy I didn’t post anything during the month of January.  The political atmosphere in this country (USA) has caught me up and wrung me out. And this is only day 18 of the new administration, with 1424 days left to go.

So far an in-law has stated that people that believe as I do are “whiny and hysterical.”  A senator from the state of Florida has stated that people who believe as I do are “left wing extremists.”  I offer no apologies for believing as I do.  I will understand if anyone ‘following’ me wishes to ‘unfollow’ me, that’s the beauty of the button.

I reserve the right (until it’s taken away from me) to state my opinions on this blog.  Be assured that I lean toward a subtle approach (most of the time).

So here we are…today…6 February 2017.  And after seeing the post of someone I follow I decided to take the quote they shared and use it as my mantra for the remainder of the year.  The quote,

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”  -Thich Nhat Hahn

I choose to spend my year photoing/drawing what’s happening at earth level. However, I will not be taking my eye off of what’s happening politically in the USA.

Thank you,

Theanne L Crossett and Baron

PS to Ste J, I’m rereading ‘1984’

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Santa for sale…


Clearwater Florida


Robert’s Christmas Wonderland



my favorite is the tropical Santa below…he’s dressed quite appropriately for the 80+ degree weather anticipated for Christmas Day, in west central Florida 🙂


so, just in case I don’t make it back before Christmas, if you celebrate the day,

Baron and I wish you a

Merry Christmas

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for peace on earth


29 November 2016 – Standing Rock Sioux NODAPL

29 November 2016 – Brazilian Soccer Team

29 November 2016 – Tennessee Wild Fires

28 November 2016 – Ohio State University

I realize that my little list does not include every horrible thing that is happening in the world, but it’s difficult for my mind and heart to wrap around all of it.  Know that everyone who is suffering, no matter where they live, no matter the color of their skin, the religion they believe in, their sexual persuasion, is included here.

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this is a mea culpa post…

from now through the beginning of 2017 I’ll probably be pretty much absentee from this blog.  It’s the time of year that “the family” has multiple birthday celebrations, and many, many functions that the family attends to support our youngest members.  Plus Thanksgiving and Christmas…Christmas Lights…Christmas events around the neighborhood.  So I’ve hopped aboard for the fall/winter ride but I’ll try to drop in every now and then to update you on what’s happening.

Thank you all and LOVE and (((((HUGS))))) to all of you 🙂

If you celebrate, I wish you a…

Happy Thanksgiving


Merry Christmas




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creative drought…

is over…at least I’m hoping so




into the forest



I feel better about life then I have for the past several years…coming to terms, perhaps, with Don’s death 7 years ago

now looking for ways I can support Senator Bernie Sanders and the Our Revolution movement

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