April 3rd…

came and went,

my 4 year anniversary with WordPress, uncelebrated and with no fanfare!  And this was the anniversary when I was meant to decide whether or not to go on with my extremely limited participation.

Well…I have decided…to continue, but make no promises about participation.  Or what the subject matter will be when I do participate.

Today, since I’ve done some doodles and taken some photographs, I’m here to share:


The Bow Legged Bird


Coreopsis (container backyard)


Broken Broken Broken


I continue to keep my ‘eye’ on current politics…my head explodes at least once daily.  That’s MY new normal!!!

My little Point and Shoot camera demises more each time I use it, but I’m not in the mood to buy another one…yet.  Probably should buy a new pair of glasses first (my most recent fix to current pair was to superglue on an eyepad…LOL).  And I’m also saving for a new computer…I’ve been using this one for a while and it’s reaching the outer limit of how many years they usually last.  So once again I’ve talked myself out of a new camera 🙂

Baron has suffered mightily from allergies this year, early warm weather brought early pollen.  He still has patches where he chewed off his hair and it hasn’t grown back.  The beginning of April we celebrated his 9 year birthday.  I told him he’s catching up with me, he was apx. 63 in human years this year.  Two more years and he’ll zoom right past me.  ARRRRGH, I’m really not ready for him to be older than me.

The national debt and I appear to be on speaking terms since I had my front yard landscaped with Florida Native Plants.  So now I have plenty to do to keep me busy outside.  Weeding, oh yeah I remember, super fun 🙂


till next time, love from Theanne and Baron

P.S. my son is a writer and tomorrow is Earth Day!

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and yet another birthday…

if you can stand it

😀 😀 😀

Out Of My Mind Images

is 3 years old today

you will find my very first post HERE

with my very first OOMM Image 🙂


doodled using a Kindle art app (I still love my little French man)


on 3 April 2013, 3 other  bloggers “liked” him too, one of these bloggers is still around 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m not much for statistics but offer you these IF you’re interested:

“Follow My Blog Via Email” says this blog has 584 followers (that’s 584 emails these poor souls have to delete)

WordPress says 386 “followed your blog”  (notice the past tense)

I myself am following 235 blogs, of these 235 I manage to really keep up with around 50 (several of whom have become internet friends)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ve once again paid my domain dues so will be here for another year (do I hear groans in the peanut gallery?) 😀

I’m curious to see what I get up to this year


great granddaughter…she’s giving me the most adorable stink eye 🙂  I’m sharing this because I’m considering taking more B&W shots this year and creating more in Painter Essentials…we’ll see how it goes!



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8 years old today

born 2 April 2008





Please Note:

no candles, chocolate, ice cream or cherries were used in the celebration of this birthday

Baron says, “Yeah, all I got to do was lick out 2 of her empty plastic yogurt cups.  And I only got those after I PROMISED not to eat the plastic.  Big deal.”

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the BIG 50…

yesterday was my son’s birthday 🙂


it doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 50 years since I first held that 7 pound 10 ounce new born baby on my chest…

this is what we looked like then


(the above photo taken by my ex)

this is what we look like now…with (almost) the whole family


son is the big guy on the left, then oldest grandson, grandson’s GF, great granddaughter, oldest granddaughter, youngest granddaughter, the matriarch (me 🙂 ), and youngest grandson

DIL is taking the photo 🙂

love you loads son, wishing you another 50


some stuff © Out Of My Mind Images 2015

this is the month…

I’m apparently going to miss all birthdays and anniversaries 🙂

April the 2nd (or is it the 4th) is Baron’s birthday…I’ve looked up the paperwork before and still can’t remember which day it is.  Doesn’t really matter because I totally forgot to say Happy Birthday to him either day 😦  Poor Baron he leads a dogs life he does!!!


My favorite shot of Baron von Spitfire 🙂

I also missed the 2 year anniversary for this blog, April 3 2013-2015…I’m surprised as you are that I’m still here.  But I’ve paid up for the “outofmymindimages.com” URL so I’m good for another year.

A “snipped” copy of my very first WordPress/OOMMI post:


And this was my header:


Coming up next is my oldest granddaughter’s birthday the end of April…will I remember or won’t I?  I’m certainly not not going to make a bet either way 😀