about the doodler

pencil and paper doodling has been part of my life for 65 years, Kindle gave me a whole new way to create 🙂

44 thoughts on “about the doodler

    • hi doodlinggal…thanks for the welcome…I doodle on almost anything that’s doodleable 😀 I started out using old notebooks (a couple had belonged to my parents) that I’d been lugging around for years. I started doodling in earnest in 2012 as self-therapy for the grief I’ve felt since my husband died and I think I’ve filled up about 6 notebooks. by tablet do you mean a plain paper tablet or something such as a Kindle…actually what got me started doodling again was a Kindle app that I started using while waiting for a doctor appointment…that’s where Out Of My Mind Images was born…those doodles reside in my computer 😀 I think I’m following you…if not I’ll come over and hit the follow button…great talking to you, Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie


      • Hi, yes you are following me and thank you for doing so, it didn’t show up in my email so I didn’t know when I wrote to you. The tablet I mentioned was like an ipad or android tablet. I do all my blog illustrations on one and use a stylus which is easier on the wrist. You can get them for computers as well. I’m sorry about your husband and am glad you’ve been able to work through your grief by drawing. I’ve never used a Kindle so I’m not sure how to draw with it, I thought it was just for reading.
        bye for now


      • strange I lost 3/4s of my message, so starting over…Kindle Fire uses android…I have 2 or 3 art apps on there I doodle with using a stylus. For my computer I use a Wacom Bamboo…love it…drawing with a mouse or a finger just doesn’t work to well. My first Kindle was strictly for reading…now I can read, access the internet, use apps, I can even call if the other person has a Kindle Fire with the same software. thanks for following…I’ll be by your site when you have new posts happy Friday Theanne/Out Of My Mind Images 😀


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and in particular liking “Kerala Calm”, really appreciated. You are a talented drawer – do you illustrate for children’s books or just for pleasure? MM 🍀


  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the Blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed you visit and look forward to seeing more from you.
    Have a great weekend, 


  3. Just popping over to say thank you so, so much for the follow, it is greatly appreciated and you are warmly welcomed aboard. Comments always appreciated so please feel free to drop a line or two. Now allow me to undertake a tour of your own work, MM 🍀


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