Do I have anything important to say?

…probably not, but that’s never stopped me before 🙂

An old blogger friend (Maggi at Just Add Glitter and Stir) turned up today…was happy to discover she’s still blogging.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

how I’ve been using my time productively (over the past 3 months):

tried to grow an avocado tree from a seed, managed a root but never anything else


observed in ceiling area at grandson’s basketball game, that was one tricky shot 🙂


back yard mushroom, I discovered from a friend, with a scientific mind, that trees use mushrooms (the root system) to communicate…with each other…amazing


I’ve had a request to show an update on the native landscaping in the front yard…so I’ll try to get a photo of that today


maybe some photos of the artwork I’ve done lately


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13 thoughts on “Do I have anything important to say?

  1. Hi! Happy to see you again! I have never tried to grow an avocado tree. Great attempt! I wonder who is going to get that basket ball down. I’ll bet they tried throwing stuff at it first. That’s one scary mushroom! Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • HI there SJQ…thought I’d lost contact with you…are you still on Facebook? I gave up on the avocado 🙂 Apparently someone did get that basketball down…the last time I was at grandson’s basketball game it was no longer there 🙂 My back yard grows some pretty awesome mushrooms 🙂 Hope you’re having nothing but ‘great days’ ❤


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