April 3rd…

came and went,

my 4 year anniversary with WordPress, uncelebrated and with no fanfare!  And this was the anniversary when I was meant to decide whether or not to go on with my extremely limited participation.

Well…I have decided…to continue, but make no promises about participation.  Or what the subject matter will be when I do participate.

Today, since I’ve done some doodles and taken some photographs, I’m here to share:


The Bow Legged Bird


Coreopsis (container backyard)


Broken Broken Broken


I continue to keep my ‘eye’ on current politics…my head explodes at least once daily.  That’s MY new normal!!!

My little Point and Shoot camera demises more each time I use it, but I’m not in the mood to buy another one…yet.  Probably should buy a new pair of glasses first (my most recent fix to current pair was to superglue on an eyepad…LOL).  And I’m also saving for a new computer…I’ve been using this one for a while and it’s reaching the outer limit of how many years they usually last.  So once again I’ve talked myself out of a new camera 🙂

Baron has suffered mightily from allergies this year, early warm weather brought early pollen.  He still has patches where he chewed off his hair and it hasn’t grown back.  The beginning of April we celebrated his 9 year birthday.  I told him he’s catching up with me, he was apx. 63 in human years this year.  Two more years and he’ll zoom right past me.  ARRRRGH, I’m really not ready for him to be older than me.

The national debt and I appear to be on speaking terms since I had my front yard landscaped with Florida Native Plants.  So now I have plenty to do to keep me busy outside.  Weeding, oh yeah I remember, super fun 🙂


till next time, love from Theanne and Baron

P.S. my son is a writer and tomorrow is Earth Day!

©2017 Out Of My Mind Images – All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “April 3rd…

    • Hi there Linda, I see you on Facebook so forget that I should check in here every now and again. I had fun taking the photo of the tulips, my DIL gave them to me after our family Easter Brunch and I was having trouble seeing the pestle and stamen…so…I shown my flashlight from underneath the tulip (with one hand) and took the photo with the camera in the other hand (not difficult with a point and shoot) and behold one of the best pestle and stamen shots I’ve ever gotten. 🙂

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    • Wow SJQ you should see my yard now…major mess…wouldn’t even begin to cover it. I’ve hired back my yard man Dan! With the drought in our part of FL my landscaping is dying everyday. I do have irrigation from my potable water…however, huge expense and with drought can only use it once a week. So here I am wondering if I can use dead landscaping as a tax write off 😦


  1. I am glad you still with us, no matter how infrequently, you always give me something to muse upon with your photos and doodles. It’s always good to visit here and be inspired.

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      • I’m glad you’re hanging in there. I am well, finished travelling and am back home now, although excited to travel again when I can. It’s been a wonderful experience and I am glad you are here to share it!


    • Hello ‘The Padre’…I really should take a photo of the disaster my yard is at this very moment…maybe later when it’s not so HOT!!! The weeding of native plants has overwhelmed me and the Sunshine Mimosa ground cover is trying to take over the drive way (really it’s growing across the concrete) and many plants are dying (this is a drought year for this area in FL). And cheers back to you 🙂


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