in the fountain


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

remembering all the humans who have died and/or those who have been in harms way over the past 24 hours


the rare white rhino who was killed for one of it’s horns

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8 thoughts on “coins…

    • Actually the photo and the remembering of the sad things that had happened during the prior 24 hours weren’t connected. I just didn’t feel I should post something ‘nice’ and not even mention the tragedies happening around the world. Trying to balance positive with negative doesn’t always work.


    • It’s a constant battle for me trying to balance positive and negative. The rhino in the zoo in France really broke my heart, I don’t like zoos to begin with and it wouldn’t have made any difference if he’d been killed in the wild…he’s dead all the same. I’m constantly reminded of the fact that the bells are tolling for all of us…all living things.


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