beneath my feet…

red berries missed by the birds?


winter is over, heat and humidity looms, as the live oak tree throws pollen to the wind and Baron suffers from his multitudinous allergies

I look down at the fallen leaves that crunch under my weight…SNAP!

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7 thoughts on “beneath my feet…

    • Are you talking about the flat looking red things…the berries were old having been knocked off of their mother tree by the wind some time before and I believe the photo shows how they were shriveling due to a lack of moisture and encroaching demise. That’s my best guess 🙂 OMGosh 21 degrees…I can’t even fathom temperatures like that anymore…in Virginia that would have meant frozen pipes for sure. We’ve had more cool days this winter as opposed to last winter, but even so my electricity bill has been very low. I’m thankful for this because I’ll need the saved money to pay the electric bill during the summer when the heat and humidity start parboiling me. Hope you are warm and safe and bye bye blossoms back at ya!


  1. There is something satisfying about the sounds of nature as we walk and of course the vibrant colours will be everywhere soon. This winter seems to have taken longer than usual but I am glad it is coming to an end. Perhaps I am now in the company of those bloggers who feel the love for nature more keenly.

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    • I miss living in a rural environment where the sounds of nature continue to be more easily heard…currently I live one one house from a busy thoroughfare. Air pollution and sound pollution abound. Still, with the mighty backyard oak, there is some nature left for me to observe and hear. 🙂

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      • Living where you do, I think that the nature you have becomes all the more precious. It is a shame that you can’t delight in the rural as much, holidays there just aren’t the same.


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