my mission…

for 2017

For anyone still coming by my blog, be happy I didn’t post anything during the month of January.  The political atmosphere in this country (USA) has caught me up and wrung me out. And this is only day 18 of the new administration, with 1424 days left to go.

So far an in-law has stated that people that believe as I do are “whiny and hysterical.”  A senator from the state of Florida has stated that people who believe as I do are “left wing extremists.”  I offer no apologies for believing as I do.  I will understand if anyone ‘following’ me wishes to ‘unfollow’ me, that’s the beauty of the button.

I reserve the right (until it’s taken away from me) to state my opinions on this blog.  Be assured that I lean toward a subtle approach (most of the time).

So here we are…today…6 February 2017.  And after seeing the post of someone I follow I decided to take the quote they shared and use it as my mantra for the remainder of the year.  The quote,

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”  -Thich Nhat Hahn

I choose to spend my year photoing/drawing what’s happening at earth level. However, I will not be taking my eye off of what’s happening politically in the USA.

Thank you,

Theanne L Crossett and Baron

PS to Ste J, I’m rereading ‘1984’

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9 thoughts on “my mission…

  1. Hugs to you and I feel just like you and I don’t whine. They are right though in calling us snowflakes, we are snowflakes, because snowflakes are incredibly complex, beautiful and original, now two are alike, and together snowflakes can make avalanches and bury mountains which is is something to whine about!

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  2. I am in no way offended,( in fact ) rather actually pleasantly surprised that you are politically progressive and engaged 🙂 The beauty of this medium is that anyone with wifi access can create a page and express themselves to their heart’s desire. So woohoo to you!

    love, Linda

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    • Hello Linda, I’ve always been a closet firebrand…I didn’t march or take a stand during the fight for Civil Rights or against the Vietnam War…I find I’m no longer able to just stand by and watch our country go up in smoke without doing a thing. Don fought in two wars to give me the freedom to stand up against insanity…and I do so stand!!! For 8 years I tried to keep politics off of my FB page…I unfriended people I’ve known since I was 5, people I’ve known since I was in my 20s, people I’ve known on the internet since 1998. Only to realize that the closest “snake(s) in the grass” were in-laws. YIKES!!! Very difficult to totally “unfriend.” So here I am in all my liberalness to defend what I (after 74 years) believe is important. And ❤ back at ya, Theanne

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    • Thank you SJQ, there’s so much chaos going on in the government at this moment, it’s sometimes difficult to know which issue to attack or defend. For oldsters like me, any attack on Social Security or Medicare is cause for alarm. For my family any attack on the Affordable Care Act (called Obamacare) is cause for alarm because my daughter-in-law and my youngest granddaughter both have preexisting conditions which could make them ineligible for this insurance and does make them ineligible for other insurance. This is a life or death situation for both of them. So take care of yourself and I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening with my little family group 🙂 (((hugs))) Theanne


  3. 1984 eh, how appropriate! I think the people still supporting him either can’t see how bad he is as a president or to save face, there really is no other way that a person can look at what is going on and think it is a good thing. Good for you in putting your opinions out there in what Trump would probably call a fake blog post!

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    • Hi Ste J…I’m being very careful to not go off “half-cocked” (one of my mother’s favorite sayings about me). As much as possible on the internet (or any where else for that matter) I try to check out things I read or hear before forming an opinion. You might be surprised at how avid the president’s supporters are…when he said he could stand in the street and kill someone and his supporters wouldn’t care, he was right, it appears they wouldn’t and don’t. I’m way beyond caring what DJT thinks…perhaps one day the ‘thoughtpolice’ will come and accuse me of ‘thoughtcrime’ until that day I take my left leaning stand and hope I live long enough to see the USA come out on the other side of this. And just think I get to add new words to my vocabulary like: alternative facts and fake news I’ve read 1984 several times…it’s always a thought provoking read. I re-watched Fahrenheit 451 (hoping we don’t come to this because I would never be able to repeat word for word a whole book). I’m trying to find Brave New World (I’ll try the library next) and watched a post-apocalyptic movie called The Road. Enough about my angst…how’re you? I need to come over and check out what you’re doing with your life. 🙂 Theanne

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  4. Such works are always the ones that fascinate readers over and over, there is something of the bleakness that resonates and in some cases seem more ideal. I find that fascinating.


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