the first day of fall…

doesn’t feel like fall where I live now

but years ago, a month or so before I met Don, I lived in a state further to the north, where the air had begun to feel crisper and the trees were starting to wear leaves of glorious colors

I find it interesting to look back now and realize just how many dramatic, emotional events in my life occurred in the fall…my son’s birth and meeting Don are two


my son took the original photo, he wasn’t used to seeing his Mom this happy

the original photo was better, my attempt, some time ago, to photograph a photograph was a complete “fail”…what I want you to see is the


there it is…the beginning of never ending



dancing, dancing, dancing


he loved to dance, I loved to dance and we danced our happy way into the future


except one day the dancing did stop, the love has never stopped

~ to be continued ~

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