my trip…

down memory lane

for a little while now I’ve felt totally disinclined to doodle, draw, paint, photograph or otherwise create anything…for myself or either of my two blogs

so I’ve decided to do exactly what I want to do, which is…to spend the next month remembering Don

Don was my husband of almost 27 years, we’d known each other for almost 28 years

he died 22 October 2009 at 0726

age 84 years, 4 months

6 years, 11 months ago

I am not lonely, I am alone, I HATE it

losing a best friend has been more devastating than losing a husband


Don (on the right) and his fraternal twin Dick (WWII)

when this photo was taken I was approximately 1 year old

~to be continued~

© 2016 Out Of My Mind Images – All Rights Reserved

the photo was sent to me years ago by Don’s brother, I have absolutely no idea who took it

my blogspot blog can be found here:  yaya snaps

10 thoughts on “my trip…

  1. The picture looks like it was made in a photographer’s studio. A good picture, I’m sure it is a treasure. When I can’t get creative, I go ‘Down the lane’ myself. Has Dick passed on too? Some people don’t like to read about old happenings, not me. I love memories from the past. Bring ’em on!


    • Actually Dick died before Don. It was rather a shock…Don had had medical problems for years and Dick was taken in to the ER because they thought he was having a heart attack and they discovered he had cancer…he died in the hospital. I love memories from the past too SJQ…it’s why you and I get along…we have some common interests 🙂


  2. I am sad you lost a best friend. I am very happy you had one. Many people never know the joy of true love and honest friendship all in one!
    Looking forward to more steps down memory lane.


  3. I like that photo! They both look like nice persons. I can only imagine your loss. No matter how many years passing by I guess you can still feel the loss. I have been married for 37 years and I don´t know what I would do if I was left alone.

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