somewhere in the world…

tree leaves are turning gorgeous, stunning, eye-candy colors

where there’s more than a hint of coolness in the air

somewhere in the world

this is happening

after all it is the middle of September on the northerly side of the equator


like me, you live closer to the equator

then not-so-much with the leaves turning or the coolness in the air

it’s more like,

“is this gosh awful humidity ever, ever, ever going to end”

“is this gosh awful heat ever, ever, ever going to end”

“will I ever, ever, ever be able to put on my Halloween costume without melting

“will it ever, ever, ever snow in Florida”

the answer is “no” “no” “no” and “no”


actually that’s not entirely accurate, because for about 2 weeks in January and/or February there’s no humidity, no heat, no melting, and you guessed it…no snow*!!!

*however, according to my DIL, who is a Florida native, somewhere back in antiquity it did actually snow in Florida.  Didn’t see it so who knows 🙂


artwork and words © 2016 Out Of My Mind Images – All Rights Reserved

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9 thoughts on “somewhere in the world…

    • In Sierra Vista we had the Huachuca Mountains on one side and the Mule Mountains on the other…I can remember some really splendid fall color in both. And the snow…it was exciting to me that we could be in our home in the valley and watch in snowing in the mountains. 🙂 And if it did snow in the valley…it lasted long enough for a few snowy captures to send along to family and friends back east 🙂


      • Lucky you! Where we are, there’s only a little fall color (from trees planted within master communities, generally) and I think maybe there was tiny dab of snow in Scottsdale a few years ago. But I’m actually okay with the lack of winter, given that we moved here from Minnesota (brrrrrrr).


    • I don’t miss the snow…it’s mainly people who’ve lived in FL all their lives who pine for snow. I do miss fall…the crisp cool air, the amazingly colorful leaves, the disappearance of insects like gnats and mosquitoes. I have to admit the humidity is really hard to take. But not falling down on ice is a good thing…so I try to struggle through the steam bath days as best I can 😀


    • Hi Grace, it was almost perfect in Arizona! Could watch it snowing in the mountains and not have to drive in it or walk in it. No hurricanes (but there was the occasional tornado to keep folks on their toes). Dry air except for a tiny period of time in the summer when we had monsoons that could flood the washes and strand you if you lived on the wrong side of the wash. All in all it was pretty great weather wise…except for that pesky thing about the aquifer being depleted. Got to have water no matter what 🙂


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