Labor Day 2016

nothing says


like laundry labor…in the days before washing machines


so thank you to all the women and men, of the past and present, who were/are “up to their elbows in suds” so we all could/can wear clean clothes

 Labor Day Link

Wringer Washer Link 

“female doing hand laundry” © 2013-2016 Out Of My Mind IMages – All Rights Reserved, first appeared on this blog July 2013

8 thoughts on “Labor Day 2016

    • Me too SJQ…I had a wringer washer in 1981 when I met Don. He was appalled that I had to do laundry with such an archaic appliance. It was actually my choice though…it was cheaper to use and that was definitely a consideration at that time. Scrub boards equal knuckle busters…when I was a kid my Mom made me use the scrub board to get the VA red clay out of my white socks 😀 😀 😀


    • In the future we (millions and millions of us) certainly won’t be able to go down to the river and beat our clothes on a rock. It’s interesting to me how obsessed we’ve become with cleanliness…my mother washed clothes once a week (not everyday) and, when a child, I wore the same outdoor work outfit everyday for a week. I didn’t put on a new outfit everyday. I still find it amazing when I think about all that went into washing clothes in 1947. The water had to be pumped up from the well, heated in hugh pots on the wood stove, put in the wringer washer and the two hugh rinse tubs. The washer was electric and agitated on its own, put the clothes were put through the wringer by hand. Kids were told horror stories about women who had their hands and arms caught in the wringer. After the washing and rinsing were done the clothes had to be hung on the line. The water removed from the washer and the rinsing tubs. The clothes brought in when dry (heaven help you if there was a week of rain) and…then…ironed. There were no polyester wrinkle free clothes…clothes were cotton (which had to ironed) or wool (which had to be spot cleaned with solvent or dry cleaned). There were a couple of clothing items that were rayon and maybe nylon. It was hard work…which is why my mother made ME use the scrub board to get the red clay stain out of my white socks. 😀 😀 😀

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