the first day of fall…

doesn’t feel like fall where I live now

but years ago, a month or so before I met Don, I lived in a state further to the north, where the air had begun to feel crisper and the trees were starting to wear leaves of glorious colors

I find it interesting to look back now and realize just how many dramatic, emotional events in my life occurred in the fall…my son’s birth and meeting Don are two


my son took the original photo, he wasn’t used to seeing his Mom this happy

the original photo was better, my attempt, some time ago, to photograph a photograph was a complete “fail”…what I want you to see is the


there it is…the beginning of never ending



dancing, dancing, dancing


he loved to dance, I loved to dance and we danced our happy way into the future


except one day the dancing did stop, the love has never stopped

~ to be continued ~

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my trip…

down memory lane

for a little while now I’ve felt totally disinclined to doodle, draw, paint, photograph or otherwise create anything…for myself or either of my two blogs

so I’ve decided to do exactly what I want to do, which is…to spend the next month remembering Don

Don was my husband of almost 27 years, we’d known each other for almost 28 years

he died 22 October 2009 at 0726

age 84 years, 4 months

6 years, 11 months ago

I am not lonely, I am alone, I HATE it

losing a best friend has been more devastating than losing a husband


Don (on the right) and his fraternal twin Dick (WWII)

when this photo was taken I was approximately 1 year old

~to be continued~

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the photo was sent to me years ago by Don’s brother, I have absolutely no idea who took it

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somewhere in the world…

tree leaves are turning gorgeous, stunning, eye-candy colors

where there’s more than a hint of coolness in the air

somewhere in the world

this is happening

after all it is the middle of September on the northerly side of the equator


like me, you live closer to the equator

then not-so-much with the leaves turning or the coolness in the air

it’s more like,

“is this gosh awful humidity ever, ever, ever going to end”

“is this gosh awful heat ever, ever, ever going to end”

“will I ever, ever, ever be able to put on my Halloween costume without melting

“will it ever, ever, ever snow in Florida”

the answer is “no” “no” “no” and “no”


actually that’s not entirely accurate, because for about 2 weeks in January and/or February there’s no humidity, no heat, no melting, and you guessed it…no snow*!!!

*however, according to my DIL, who is a Florida native, somewhere back in antiquity it did actually snow in Florida.  Didn’t see it so who knows 🙂


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is beautiful


created after I saw a photograph my DIL took of a young woman at the 2016 NOAH (National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation) Conference


my grand daughter age 4, watercolor from a photograph I took


Beautiful portraits of albinos by Gustavo Lacerda

Photographer Rick Guidotti

Photographer Justin Dingwall

I hope you’ll check out the work of some of these photographers!

Artwork by me © 2016 Out Of My Mind Images – All Rights Reserved

Labor Day 2016

nothing says


like laundry labor…in the days before washing machines


so thank you to all the women and men, of the past and present, who were/are “up to their elbows in suds” so we all could/can wear clean clothes

 Labor Day Link

Wringer Washer Link 

“female doing hand laundry” © 2013-2016 Out Of My Mind IMages – All Rights Reserved, first appeared on this blog July 2013