do bees have knees?

as in, “She’s the bee’s knees!”

perhaps you will find an answer here:

The British Beekeepers Association


Honey bees are fascinating creatures.  My father kept a hive when I was a kid so I was able to learn a little about them up close and personal.

And the personal didn’t include being stung by them.  I remember being stung by bumble bees (after I stepped on them…barefooted) but never by a honey bee.   Honey bees were all business, if you didn’t get in their way they didn’t get in yours.

Bees…another of natures gifts to us!

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12 thoughts on “do bees have knees?

  1. I’m glad bees to have knees as I would hate to have to correct people on the saying, being a pedant and all. Long may the honey bee reign and more power to those campaigning against harmful pesticides.

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    • Bless you Ste J…I always try to include a link to more information so you’ll be able to discover exactly what some of these phrases I use mean. They were so common in my family and amongst the people I knew I never gave it a second thought until this blog. Long live the BEES, knees and all 🙂

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      • We never really think about sayings we have always said, until somebody asks of course! I love to be informed and the links appeal to my laziness too!


  2. Too lazy to do research today, but we have so many different bee varieties around here. I know how important they all ‘bee’ and I hate to see their numbers down and yet I don’t like seeing them in close proximity to me. A knee is a joint – a rose is a rose …

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    • Why SJQ you’re a purist. And yet the bees “leg” is jointed…apparently what keeps it from actually being a knee is that it lacks a knee cap. Who knew? I dislike wasps more than bees…perhaps when I was a kid and was stung their’s hurt worse. 🙂 Happy Sunday to you!


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