I’m a tree hugger…

A mighty Live Oak dominates, nay possesses my backyard.  It is one of two reasons I ❤ this place, the tree and the backyard itself.

Alas, this tree has not always been treated kindly and it’s healthiness concerns me.

There are numerous “scars” like this where limbs have been cut.  

And growths such as this…I have not yet identified what they are.


And what I believe is a White Tussock Moth Caterpillar.  I’ve discovered that this caterpillar eats oak leaves.


This mighty oak has problems…if I really am a “tree hugger” am I prepared to do something about those problems?

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6 thoughts on “I’m a tree hugger…

    • I agree…I just haven’t been able to identify them online. I am very concerned about the tree…not sure I have the $$$ necessary to bring it back to health or, if necessary to take it down. I have a friend who’s knowledgeable about trees I’ll ask her to take a look.

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      • I too believe it is some type of fungi…what I want/need to know is what it means in relationship to the tree. How stable is this tree with it’s multiple health issues. Is it hurricane worthy. I might just find out this hurricane season…as this area has had no hurricanes since 2004, when we had 4 in one season.


  1. Looks like some trouble. While you are standing there looking, why don’t you pull off the egg sacs – just because … The tree is trying, it probably needs some outside help. Good to hear you know someone with tree smarts, I don’t know diddly.


    • Hey there SJQ…I’m glad I didn’t touch the critter that looks like a White Tussock Moth Caterpillar…they’re poisonous. I didn’t have my yard gloves on when I was photographing. As an added “bonus” the tree also has the occasional Spanish Moss “baby” trying to set up residence. Sometimes I think I’m being obsessive about this tree…BUT if it’s removed from the backyard the yard will be a big fat -0-.


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