My apologies to you for not being here for awhile…over the past couple of weeks I became rather caught up in the national politics that will consume this country until November of this year (and beyond).  In all my years on earth this is the first time I’ve seriously considered third party political options.  “Nuff said…enjoy the flowers 🙂

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7 thoughts on “fleur…

    • I would rather not have either candidate as POTUS. If you’re interested in the politics of the USA, use your favorite search engine and look up Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J Trump. I’d rather not post my political views on WordPress. I thank you for your comment and your interest.

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      • I have European online friends on Facebook who have expressed deep concern about one of our Presidential candidates. I share their feelings because supposedly we’re not meant to be an isolationist country anymore which means we have to engage with all the diverse governments and peoples around the world. This can’t be achieved by someone with who is out of touch with reality.

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