playing with Fire…

my newest Kindle Fire that is

I’m delighted 🙂 to be able to get back to creating

Out Of My Mind Images



Madame Hoity Toity


birds of a feather…lining up for dinner


JoJo…wonder how she is


dot man

oh the joy to have no gaps where a line refused to show up and no crack across the glass which sometimes made it difficult to achieve the desired result

I had to choose between a new camera and the Fire (which takes photos front and rear) and the FIRE won 🙂

Happy Monday


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do bees have knees?

as in, “She’s the bee’s knees!”

perhaps you will find an answer here:

The British Beekeepers Association


Honey bees are fascinating creatures.  My father kept a hive when I was a kid so I was able to learn a little about them up close and personal.

And the personal didn’t include being stung by them.  I remember being stung by bumble bees (after I stepped on them…barefooted) but never by a honey bee.   Honey bees were all business, if you didn’t get in their way they didn’t get in yours.

Bees…another of natures gifts to us!

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colors and shapes…

behind closed eyelids


Have you ever had the experience of seeing bright colors (bold reds, blues, purples, etc) and interesting shapes or patterns when faced toward the sun with closed eyes?

I’ve seen colors and shapes behind my eyelids all my life (during the day and at night) and often wished I could, in some way, reproduce what I was seeing.  I’ve decided to start trying.  This is my first attempt and I must admit I added the yellow flash as a representation of the brilliance of the sun on the outside of the eyelids.  I did not experience such a flash.

I should also state that I have treated glaucoma in both eyes, AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration in my right eye and cataracts, that still are not ready for something to be done about them, in both eyes.  I see an ophthalmologist every 6 months.  However, I’ve experienced this “behind the eyelid seeing” since I was a small child, long before age and genetics crept up on me..

(The beginning of the AMD in my right eye is interesting but I’ll speak of it another day.)

I’ve spent a few minutes researching this colors and shapes (behind closed eyelids) during daylight phenomena and feel I must not be asking the search engine the right questions.  So far I’ve found little information about this.  If you find something please let me know.

Two names cropped up in what I did find:

Eric Schwitzgebel



(I’m not sure exactly who this Purkinje is but I did find a Jan Evangelista Purkinje in Wikipedia, who’s a possible.)

My research has just begun so there will, perhaps, be more information in the future.

Meanwhile I look forward to seeing what I create and no I won’t be deliberately facing into the sun even with eyelids closed just to see what I see.  When it happens by chance I WILL be much more aware that I need to record instantly what I’ve “seen.”

Good evening,


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