I had a lot of fun doing this one…especially after I decided to incorporate an old photo of myself.  And when I say old photo I mean OLD, at least 54 years old as a matter of fact!  I’m wearing Cat Eye eyeglasses for pity’s sake 😀

(The photo is actually a copy of a photo of a photo.)

Happy Saturday!

© 2016 Out Of My Mind Images – All Rights Reserved

Please NOTE:  If possession really is 9/10s of the law then the copyrights to the photo belong to me, even though my EX took the photo!  The photo was taken in Washington, DC, just thought I’d throw that in 🙂


After I edited this photo of a photo…I titled it “what young and in love looks like” 🙂

4 thoughts on “old…

  1. Cat’s eye glasses … I was really infuriated when they quit making them and I had to get ones that I considered ugly. Those were the days, right, Theanne? Even a drawing of a possession can bring back memories of a time long passed.

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