chasing the pig…


Back in 1951 we  were raising a pig on our mini farm.  We named him but for the life of me I can’t remember what…something like George or Tom or Bill I’m sure.  He loved to have his back scratched with a long stick, he loved it so much he would moan with pleasure.  And a reminder for all who don’t know, people still “dressed up” back then to go places, in my Dad’s case that would have been a suit with dress shirt and tie and a hanky in the pocket (for crying females), and his very best (shined) shoes with socks.


Daddy dressed in his Sunday best,

Was once put sorely to the test,

The fattened pig had escaped his jail,

And must be caught without fail.

Through the trees piggy did run,

Dad’s shirt was torn, not fun,

Piggy was caught and I must say,

He never again got out to play.

The End


Another in the Childhood Memories Series

© 2016 Out Of My Mind Images – All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “chasing the pig…

  1. That must have been quite the sight! I’ll bet you were laughing the whole time, right? Fun memory.

    Those were the days, huh? When moms wore nylons and wore a nice clean dress for dads coming home from work. Now, moms wear whatever they have had on all day and ask the dads what they want to grill for supper …
    (The dress code at Wal Mart would cause an uproar, nowdays.)

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    • I wouldn’t have dared to laugh ’cause my Dad would have skinned me alive. But now I can laugh to my hearts content. I think you’d be surprised at how my Mom dressed at home, always dressed up to go out, but at home not so much. My Mom had to have been the original “blue jeans queen” 🙂 And we’re not talking dress jeans, no we’re talking sloppy jeans, tattered, torn, worn. I’m trying to remember if my Dad ever grilled anything…I’m trying to remember if we even had a grill when I was growing up. I don’t think so, the first grill I remember was after I married the EX. My Dad did like to cook though and when my Mom was gone he’d cook the best pancakes ever 🙂 Happy Saturday!


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