The Paulownia Pirate

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Childhood Memories Series


In 1952, when I was 10, my mother took me to the movies to see The Crimson Pirate, starring Burt Lancaster.  Quite naturally I fell “in love” with the ships, the swashbuckling pirates and Mr. Lancaster!

The next day I set about creating my own pirate ship, with the help of a lovely forked Paulownia tree, a wagon wheel, cinder blocks, a tall pole, nails, burlap and cord.  (I added the dingy to my drawing to hold up the The Paulownia Pirate sign.) 🙂

Upon this handsome pirate craft I sailed a heaving sea of green grass, dressed appropriately, with sword in hand, ready to pillage and plunder all that crossed my path.

Oh my, what fun I had as a child…my imagination knew no bonds!

Happy Tuesday


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10 thoughts on “The Paulownia Pirate

  1. Happy Tuesday to you, Theanne! Ah, yes, the things we thought up as children. My brother and I were influenced by our dad’s love of westerns. We had a tree fort in the back yard and the boat like cement mixer became our stage coach, covered wagon, or cabin. Such fun!

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