Lean Green Bug Eating Machine



Confession time…

I’ve been procrastinating like crazy lately so I have projects, of all types and descriptions, that are begging for completion.  There’s a Proverb that goes like this, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”  (Though I’m not exactly sure if this covers the situation in my case because my spirit is pretty weak too.)

Example:  I bought new ink for my printer over a month ago…it’s still sitting on the shelf below the printer.  Why?  Because I’ve learned to continue using the old ink as long as it’ll hold out…in this case my plan backfired because the printer decided to on strike till I put in the new ink.  It irked me so bad I still haven’t put in the new ink 🙂

In the past couple of days, however, I have managed to cancel my ello, Tumblr and Twitter accounts.  But saved from the delete button was one of the first blogs I had online…my “blogspot” blog….Yaya Snaps!   (Under different names, the blog is a link to a different time, pre-2009…BDD.  So I hold on to it for the memories!)

It’s raining here and I don’t complain because we rather needed it…so Happy Day!

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4 thoughts on “Lean Green Bug Eating Machine

  1. Know what you mean about procrastinating. Maybe we are in some kind of phase? I have developed an ‘it doesn’t matter’ attitude about a lot of things. Cute frog. I haven’t seen many around, which is odd, considering how tall the grass got before he came home to mow it. I hear them at night, but it doesn’t sound like as many as we usually have.


    • Perhaps you’re right SJQ…I hope it is just a phase! “Lean Mean” thanks you for your compliment 🙂 I haven’t seen one Bufo (toad) so far this spring into summer season. Usually I’d have seen 2 or 3 by now and Baron would have had a go at trying to catch them. But nothing…I’ve heard froggy sounds too but seen no toads or frogs. Of course all that could change with the rain we’re receiving…oh my!


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