not all people,

who die because of their involvement in a war (or other traumatic event), die on the battlefield





some die slowly over the years

by imploding their horror and grief in on themselves

some commit suicide

unable to live another day with the images burned in their brains,

still felt by all their senses

I do not have PTSD

my husband did

it was part of our lives

it was part of our love…

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

PTSD/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

8 thoughts on “not all people,

  1. Hard hitting, it is tough for people who don’t have PTSD to even imagine what it is like, those drawings are very effective, the first one extremely so.


    • I debated a year about posting these images here…they’re not light and fun. They’re my interpretation of what was happening to Don and outward to what was happening to me, what was happening to us. The saddest part, the hardest part is that once his PTSD was identified and acknowledged the treatment was, in the case of medication, almost worse than the disorder itself. His inner life was no longer lived in jagged ups and downs…it was now lived in a monotonous straight line. So the Don I’d known for years more or less ceased to be. I believe this quote by Nic Pizzolatto pretty much sums it up, “Certain experiences you can’t survive, and afterward you don’t fully exist, even if you failed to die.” Thank you very much for your comment Ste J.

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  2. It’s impossible for me to imagine but your words and images help immensely and I am sure will help other people experiencing this (on both side) to explain to others what it is like. It’s important that everybody is aware and has information bout PTSD so thank you.

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