the spice of life


backyard clouds (and yes I do see a face in there)


love this yellow


root (from a weed I pulled up in backyard)


7 thoughts on “variety…

  1. Faces – upper left quarter, right? Also right edge not quite half way up – a piggy face with bent nostrils. Are the clouds gathering or falling apart?
    Nice yellow(s).
    A root? At first I thought it was a watercolor map of sorts. I like it!
    Enjoy your weekend!


    • You are so right SJQ 🙂 I’m still looking for faces…haven’t found your piggy face yet 🙂 Not sure about the gathering or falling apart…I caught them when I went out to walk the Baron…and in time they did disappear! Yellow is one of my favorite colors but not to wear. My skin tone is yellow (sallow? I don’t think I look sickly and have no health issues I’m aware of). Yellow on yellow just looks yucky (to me) 🙂 The root is photo manipulated…when I was editing it I was intrigued with how it looked like a watercolor painting and thank you for liking it 🙂 I did enjoy my weekend 🙂


    • Hey Grace…I confess I didn’t take the time to look for more faces 😀 😀 😀 Since then I’ve seen a possible 2 more 🙂 Where I live is very close to the Gulf…maybe a half mile away and obviously built on a sand dune. There’s very little organic matter in the sand but even so it took some real effort to pull that weed up. Interestingly enough it came out with a minimal loss of root branches.


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