analyze this…

Dr. Freud


Remembering Dr. Freud today…160 years since his birth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TGIF…for all who have the weekend off 🙂

2 thoughts on “analyze this…

  1. Hmm, didn’t realize he was that long ago. I wonder what he would say about the internet and all of the images it transmits? He would probably say we were all a bit ‘Off.’ Have a lovely day, Theanne!

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    • You have a lovely day too SJQ 🙂 I didn’t realize Freud was that far back either, was surprised to find he was born in 1856. That was pre-Civil War for heaven’s sake! I don’t believe he’d be overly surprised about the internet and it’s images. I’m definitely sure he’d say we were ALL a bit “Off” 🙂


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