California Mandarins

“Nature’s perfect fruit”


they’re NON GMO Project VERIFIED


take it from me they really are cute


according to the accompanying information,

they’re E-Z Peel (they are)


Seedless (not entirely, there is an occasional seed)

While this post may appear blatantly commercial, that wasn’t my intent.  I have a fruit salad for breakfast almost every morning, Cuties™ just happen to be one of the fruit choices I manage to incorporate into my salads.  I used to use oranges (they have more than the occasional seed) and because I have a lot of expensive dental work in my mouth and because my eyesight is going down the toilet I check each citrusy segment with a flashlight (did I mention that my counter is dark and so is my kitchen) to be sure it is indeed SEEDLESS.  One day while checking segments I started playing around with the flashlight and what the light looked like on a whole mandarin.  The little triangle shape on the bottom intrigued me and as did the shadows that the light made (all this segment checking and the FL batteries are rapidly running out of juice) so I snapped me a shot…



a colorful Cuties ™ photo


~have a satisfying Saturday~

14 thoughts on “Cuties™

  1. Good choice! I normally eat at least one a day. They ARE easy peel, sweet, juicy, and low on calories. I often makes a plate of tomatoes, sweet onion, fresh chopped basil, feta cheese and a cutie; sprinkled with Good Seasons Italian dressing sprinkled on top – delicious!!


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