and yet another birthday…

if you can stand it

😀 😀 😀

Out Of My Mind Images

is 3 years old today

you will find my very first post HERE

with my very first OOMM Image 🙂


doodled using a Kindle art app (I still love my little French man)


on 3 April 2013, 3 other  bloggers “liked” him too, one of these bloggers is still around 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m not much for statistics but offer you these IF you’re interested:

“Follow My Blog Via Email” says this blog has 584 followers (that’s 584 emails these poor souls have to delete)

WordPress says 386 “followed your blog”  (notice the past tense)

I myself am following 235 blogs, of these 235 I manage to really keep up with around 50 (several of whom have become internet friends)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ve once again paid my domain dues so will be here for another year (do I hear groans in the peanut gallery?) 😀

I’m curious to see what I get up to this year


great granddaughter…she’s giving me the most adorable stink eye 🙂  I’m sharing this because I’m considering taking more B&W shots this year and creating more in Painter Essentials…we’ll see how it goes!



© Out Of My Mind Images 2011-2016

8 thoughts on “and yet another birthday…

  1. Happy blogiversary, here is yet another blank canvas of a year for you to go wild upon. It is tough keeping up with all the bloggers out there, I try to get round ninety odd twice weekly, hence me not showing up as much as I would want to.

    I love the black background to this one, it makes all the lines seem sharper and it stands out a lot more, there should be more black paper in the world.


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