Jumping “J”


“Jack be nimble,

Jack be quick,

Jack jump over

The candlestick.”

–English language nursery rhyme (Wikipedia)

of course my Jumping “J” is getting a lot of help from a friend


my imagination


happy Wednesday/Thursday to everyone!

P.S. a little extra “J” from YouTube and Sesame Street

(with copyrights to those who created this song)

test your spray paint…

at Walmart


as photographed in the paint department of my local Walmart store

I kept waiting for someone to come and ask me why I was taking photographs in their store, no one came.  And after some of the things I’ve seen that were “shot” in Walmart this photo is so tame it’s boring 😀 😀 😀

anyway I thought it looked rather artistic…so there you go!

happy Saturday/Sunday

Dancing Delight…


The tiny spirits

of the night,

wear their Lady Slippers

during their Dancing Delight…

Soft green dresses

and shoes of purple pale,

across the forest floor

they sail.

© TLC 1998-2016

In 1998, I created this as a Mother’s Day card for my Mom.


for those of you who toil during the week and have weekends off…TGIF



by quotes


a page from

DON and THEANNE: a love story

the very personal (small) scrapbook I’ve been working on for several months

I’m using an inexpensive journal type book (8 1/4″ x 5 1/2″).  The paper and binding are not the best and as a consequence, even though I’m a long way from completing the scrapbook, it’s falling apart.  But then isn’t that the way love sometimes is, it gets torn and frayed and one glues it back together and continues on…

have a peaceful Friday (or Saturday) wherever you are in the world



this really is the last of the tulips 🙂




“We can learn so much from nature by simply observing how it works through a flower.  The flower knows it is part of nature, we have forgotten that.”  –Thomas Sterner

Quote found at Goodreads

have a peaceful Thursday



California Mandarins

“Nature’s perfect fruit”


they’re NON GMO Project VERIFIED


take it from me they really are cute


according to the accompanying information,

they’re E-Z Peel (they are)


Seedless (not entirely, there is an occasional seed)

While this post may appear blatantly commercial, that wasn’t my intent.  I have a fruit salad for breakfast almost every morning, Cuties™ just happen to be one of the fruit choices I manage to incorporate into my salads.  I used to use oranges (they have more than the occasional seed) and because I have a lot of expensive dental work in my mouth and because my eyesight is going down the toilet I check each citrusy segment with a flashlight (did I mention that my counter is dark and so is my kitchen) to be sure it is indeed SEEDLESS.  One day while checking segments I started playing around with the flashlight and what the light looked like on a whole mandarin.  The little triangle shape on the bottom intrigued me and as did the shadows that the light made (all this segment checking and the FL batteries are rapidly running out of juice) so I snapped me a shot…



a colorful Cuties ™ photo


~have a satisfying Saturday~