parking lot…

at the eye doctor’s office


reflection in a small puddle


irrigation drips


red among the brown and green

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein


5 thoughts on “parking lot…

  1. What a great quote. Lovely pictures and my favorite is the Reflection In Small Puddle. Now looking deep into the reflection makes me wonder if the reflection is really a reflection of the world you are in. Or is it just another world that has a similar feature as the one that you are on, hence the reflection. When you look in a mirror do you ever wonder if the person at the other end of the mirror is a conscious being blinded by the conventional idea that a mirror is just an object that reflects and does not think much of you, as you also don’t think much of the being, blinded by the same conventional idea of a mirror. But in fact you are both conscious beings living in different worlds the mirror being the unnoticeable barrier of which we are to inferior to fathom. And that moment when you look into the mirror is the only moment you share with the other world, even though you don’t realize it.

    Oh I look in the mirror and when I do I look deeply and set free my mind to do its own thing. Most of the time I think these thoughts are just silly but sometimes they feel like real possibilities.

    Anyway I always enjoy having these weird thoughts and thanks for triggering this one.


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