over the holidays


ripping, tearing, teeth gnashing in anticipatory glee, then the object desired, once retrieved from all encumbrance, is dropped casually so as to continue on to the next conquest

dare I suggest to you another scene where the gift opening participants proceed ever so slowly…carefully untying the ribbon, gently releasing the wrapping paper from its sticker and cellophane tape restraints…folding the (mostly) untorn paper and setting it aside and finally opening the box and retrieving the gift inside

the gift is exclaimed over, its giver, if available, is thanked, the gift then returned to its container and place of repose…

sounds boring doesn’t it


perhaps not,

the giver and receiver are both respected and the gift itself is respected, as is the environment, for all the saved paper and ribbon will be used again another time

and life lessons, such as PATIENCE, are learned


lighting the way to peace on earth


© Out Of My Mind Images 2016

7 thoughts on “observed…

  1. Patience is always fun but I think a good ripping session is always fun, I think it depends on the gift also, if it’s a book I’m guaranteed to be very careful with it lol. Happy New Year!


    • So sorry to have chosen this venue to express my upset…as I too am no longer as careful with opening presents as I was as a child 🙂 I had a running argument with my son, for 16 years, about taking care of books…I lost the argument. My tiny library of books are safely cosseted in a bookcase. Not sure cosseted applies to books, since the definitions I found were mainly about lambs and humans 😀 And a Happy New Year to you…enjoy 🙂


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