Tossock Moth…

Caterpillar…uh oh, be careful !!!


Google photos of Tossock Moth Caterpillars

What Wikipedia has to say about this caterpillar (Lymantriinae),

“Many tossock moth caterpillars have urticating hairs (often hidden among longer, softer hairs) which can cause painful reactions if they come in contact with the skin.”

I found this one right outside my backdoor, thank goodness I didn’t touch it or try to pick it up.  And thank goodness Baron didn’t find it and try to eat it 😦

So I’m now adding this to my list of (possible) toxic critters in the backyard.

1-Bufo Frogs

2-Tossock Moth Caterpillars


Post Script:  Watching The Polar Express this evening with family 🙂

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a candle lit for the safety of our soldiers, at home and on foreign shores


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