after 5 years, I made it to a local art museum today



Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art

located in Tarpon Springs, Florida

main contributor:  Abraham Rattner

more about Abraham Rattner

seen at the museum


metal sculpture


I just liked these lights and the shadows they made 🙂


seen at the reception desk, love it


statue of Christ


a family of artists

If it was allowed (and in most cases it was), I fully intended to take more photos of the artwork, however, the docent who guided me through the art displays was so interesting I completely forgot to take any more photos. 🙂

Of course I will be going back, because, after all, I signed up for a year 🙂

I did some g’kid Christmas shopping at their gift shop and decided it was time to go home 🙂


for Peace in the World


© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

3 thoughts on “finally,

    • The Smithsonian is my all time favorite museum…I never have seen it all 🙂 (Don and I were in Washington, D.C. in 1997, mainly to commune with “The Wall” (Vietnam War Memorial) and we stopped by the Smithsonian on our way back to the train) 🙂


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