from a randomly taken photo to an Out Of My Mind Image 🙂


the original, resized, photo of the g’kids red chair


background be gone. okay I missed some spots 🙂


we’re getting there


version 1


version 2, with watermark

Corel’s Paint Shop Pro and Corel’s Painter Essentials were used for this Christmas OOMMI creation.  PSP was used to resize photo, to add text
“Merry Christmas” with shadow (plus tilting lettering to fit back of chair) and adding watermark, everything else was done using Painter Essentials and my Wacom Bamboo Tablet (have you ever tried to do a straight line when you’re a shaky old person?  Thank goodness there’s an edit feature in the software of both of these.)



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

a candle is lit for

Peace on Earth


© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

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