with granddaughter, at the Lighthouse  🙂

Note:  The Lighthouse of Pinellas has as it’s mission:  “to advance the independence and quality of life for individuals…who are blind or visually impaired.”  My youngest granddaughter is one of these individuals.


granddaughter with her reindeer antlers and snowman Face Art 🙂


gifts from Santa and his elf 🙂


opening her gifts 🙂

of course Yaya (moi) had to have some fun too 🙂


the man in the “red shoes” was videoing his daughter while she was getting her Face Art…I love his RED shoes 🙂

Yaya’s Christmas at the Lighthouse selfie 🙂


“OH SNAP”  now how apropos is that?!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



a candle lit for Peace on Earth

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

5 thoughts on “Christmas…

  1. The Lighthouse is fantastic…helping physically and mentally challenged kids and adults who have vision issues. Actually working with the physically and mentally challenged is very rewarding. Years ago I worked with a private organization and then with the state where I lived assisting these amazing people to achieve everything they could. The smallest accomplishment was a cause for joy. There were trials and tribulations but they were offset by the good times. 🙂


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