a visit…

to the Train Store 🙂

We’re a family of train enthusiasts.  A hundred years ago my mother’s father  was a postman on the Virginian Railroad.  My father, after he retired, created a railroad system of HO Scale track, engines and cars, in the living room (much to my mother’s chagrin).  My son is carrying on the tradition of an interest in trains and plans to build, (with his youngest son’s assistance), a railroad system in a spare room of his home.


I just love the HUGHNESS of the old steam locomotives, like the ones used on the Virginian when I was a child.  I like the sounds they make and the rock and roll of the cars as they chug their way down the track.


a model of a Virginian engine and coal car as seen at the Train Store (yes the price really was $599.99…YIKES!!!)

One of my favorite train memories is waiting at the train station, in the tiny community where we lived, for the train to arrive.  I guess my sister and I were pestering my Mom and Dad about when the train was going to be there, so he allowed us to put our ears to the track so we could “feel” the train coming.  What an amazing thing…feeling the vibration of that train long before it rounded the bend and came into view.

Every so often my son has to have his train store fix, today was one of those days. The g’kids had their pictures taken with the Train Store Santa and then we all (son, DIL, 3 g’kids and I) were able to peruse the aisles of the store (and the outdoor displays) at our leisure 🙂


g’kids and Train Store Santa, g’son’s shirt says North Pole Express


outside display


g’son requested that I take this photo of him sitting on a train wheel


g’son watching inside display


inside winter display

When my son, finally, picked out a train car he wanted to use in his 2015 Christmas Tree train display, I bought it for the family as a Christmas present and it was time to go home.


for all who have died or are in harms way today…a candle of hope and remembrance is lit


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