no nothing…


The only “no” I would maybe take exception to is the “bicycle riding.”  I mean suppose I had a bike and wanted to ride it to my dentist or hair stylist rather than take my car and waste gas.  Obviously I wouldn’t be able to do this 😦

This sign is posted on shops close to where I live, they’ve obviously had problems with all of these occurring on their premises.  And they must enforce the rules because I haven’t seen any of these things happening in their parking lots, not even after business hours.

So the answer is, plain and simply:


(Get your Mom or Dad to take you to a park.)


have a peaceful pre-Christmas Saturday

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Keeping the candle burning for all who have died or are in harms way today and everyday…


8 thoughts on “no nothing…

  1. Ha, that’s depressing but so real today. I read where New York outlawed kids playing dodgeball and freezetag because they were too dangerous…they probably have apps to experience all those things we actually got to do…


    • I feel so sorry for kids today…the only thing that kept me inside years ago was reading a book…not even the rain kept me inside because I had chores to do outside. If I’d had my way (and wasn’t reading a book 🙂 ) I’d have lived my whole life outside. Where the Copperheads and Black Widow Spiders and Poison Oak, Ivy and Sumac were. One of my strange but interesting kid memories was the time the older boys found a loose wire hanging under the school and they clamped on to it and tried to get the younger kids to grab their hands so they could shock them. Life was never dull and there was no app for it 😀 😀 😀

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  2. Near where I live is a tiny bit of grass, about a metre square and slap bang in the middle is a sign saying no ball games. It would be hard enough to use the tiny bit of grass for ball games without the big pole in the way ruining the fun lol.

    Where are the signs telling us what we can do?


    • And they wonder why kids spend all their time on computers and cell phones…they’re so rarely encouraged to engage in active outdoor games. The main signs I see “telling us what we can do” are the signs that say, “spend, spend, spend” 😦


      • The media has a lot to answer for they say parents should let their kids out so they don’t get overweight but then make out that there are people ready to snatch them living on every street. Sure these things happen but the media does blow it all out of proportion.

        You are right about being told to spend, not only spend but buy it now and pay for it later, that’s always key, doesn’t matter of you can’t afford it because things will always be rosy.


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