birds awaken, calling to one another as they rise into the sky and, if cloudy, the clouds are touched with pink as the earth turns and the sun comes over the horizon



watercolor on glossy photo paper

since the latest change to the WordPress WYSIWYG…I find I’m not really loving it…at least not yet

maybe…as soon as I figure out some stuff

(I just figured out one thing…YAY!  OK maybe not YAY…if I make my photo smaller than HUGE once I publish the post I am no longer able to increase the size of the photo by clicking on it…any suggestions?)


Christmas branch is up and decorated…definitely a Charley Brown kind of tree…decorated with love


Merry Christmas


Theanne and Baron


5 thoughts on “daybreak…

  1. Love the artwork! As far as I know, clicking an image just allows you to see it at whatever its original uploaded size was (assuming the photo is smaller simply because of the blog theme having resized it automatically), so if you post a small photo, it stays small.

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    • Thank you Karen. If I use the oldest WordPress posting format (circa 2013) I can upload a photo, choose a size and place the photo in my post. Once published I can click on the photo and increase the size (on a separate page), which greatly enhances my ability to clearly see the subject matter of the photo. I am unable to do this with the newest posting format. Because the oldest format is still available to me I’ll continue to use it. Thank you so much for your help…I’m thinking I should ask WordPress this question and see what they have to say 🙂


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