a long time ago…

I used to make New Year’s Resolutions, which were usually and consistently broken by the end of the first week of the new year.

However, there are things I need to get done and yes I am a procrastinator.  One of the things I loved and admired about Don* was, that when there was a project that needed to be completed it was completed with all deliberate speed.  Did I mention that Don was in the military for many years?  The deal was work now, work later, play much, much later 🙂 ).

I’ve rather gotten away from that mindset and now I have a mountainous pile of “honey-do’s” on the platter before me.  Such as:

-drain the hot water tank

-finish grouting the tile around the bathtub and caulking the seams

-paint the floor of the garage (so I can continue to contemplate turning the garage into my art studio, humid weather and all).

et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

Please don’t suggest that I hire someone to do these tasks…the average handy man service does not appear to be overly willing to do these picayune types of things.  They want the big jobs for which they can charge LOTS of money.  Or at least that’s been my experience.

So here I am at the beginning of a new year and I’ve confessed my lack of incentive to finish things…so as the months go by, during this new year, I’ll share with you how it’s going (or not going) 🙂

My one overwhelming hope, for the new year and every other year remaining to me, is that there will be peace on this earth…


*Don is my deceased husband

Quote attributed to Jill Jackson Miller

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a .gif wishing you…

and yours


As promised in an older post, here is my newest attempt at creating a .gif.  I was a little disappointed to discover that it had to be done in this very small format.  However, now that I have the basics down (and the instructions close at hand) I’ll see what I can come up with in the new year.

(FYI…I set the new .gif on a 4 cycle loop which is why it stops, next time I’ll check the box for “Repeat Forever.”)

hope everything, at your house, is progressing merrily toward the Big day,

wishing you all…peace

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a candle lit for all who suffer


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closer to…

Christmas 🙂

Tags for Christmas gifts is about all the arty stuff I’ve managed to achieve in the past few days…so…I vote for a few more “miscellaneous” days here on the blog 🙂

BTW the aforementioned Christmas gifts are all wrapped and waiting for a Santa pickup and delivery 🙂

I’m pretty sure all of the following have been on my blog in the past…but what the hey it’s Christmas…so let’s pull ’em out again for a rerun 🙂


This is super funny to me…’cause we’ve had our allotted 2 (two) days of winter (actually last year it was 2 weeks but who’s counting…me actually) 🙂  (We’re talking west central Florida here…you know!!)


What I’ll probably be doing Christmas Day…85 degrees forecasted…but then Santa’s been seen in his tropical shirt and hula skirt over shorts, with mandatory flip-flops…so all’s right with the world 🙂


Baron had his “moment” in the snow when we lived in southern Virginia 🙂  Please note the snow on his nose 🙂


I used to do this when I was a kid, now it’s wishful thinking 🙂


It all began with a baby and a star…a gift given that can still be received 🙂



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Little me…



as a child, I lived in my imagination…”pretend” and “make believe” and “dress up”…helped me make it through my days 🙂


the river was a mile behind our house, playing in the water was a wonderful place for a little Cancerian to let her imagination soar


the lure of the west came straight out of the National Geographics my Daddy gave me permission to read.  years before I met Don and actually went west, I was hankering for a horse and the wide open spaces.

been going through my photos and doodles from the past year and found these three 🙂



quote:  Jill Jackson Miller

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Tossock Moth…

Caterpillar…uh oh, be careful !!!


Google photos of Tossock Moth Caterpillars

What Wikipedia has to say about this caterpillar (Lymantriinae),

“Many tossock moth caterpillars have urticating hairs (often hidden among longer, softer hairs) which can cause painful reactions if they come in contact with the skin.”

I found this one right outside my backdoor, thank goodness I didn’t touch it or try to pick it up.  And thank goodness Baron didn’t find it and try to eat it 😦

So I’m now adding this to my list of (possible) toxic critters in the backyard.

1-Bufo Frogs

2-Tossock Moth Caterpillars


Post Script:  Watching The Polar Express this evening with family 🙂

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a candle lit for the safety of our soldiers, at home and on foreign shores


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Christmas shopping…

is all done.  And what could make me happier than that?

Not much!!!

Well maybe some “spiked” eggnog, some of Mom’s (excellent) Sugar Cookies and a “dream visit” from Don…those three would tie my Christmas up in a BIG red bow.


So what’s remaining in my “end of the year art bag”…let’s see


Mr. Southwest Man is VERY carefully looking at a cactus bloom 🙂


The Lady in Red with a ultra cinched waist that will never survive Christmas eating 🙂


And Mr. Gymnast is “flipping” with the birds 🙂


a candle lit for Peace on Earth


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these while searching for something else in my Kindle 🙂


a little too smart for his own good 🙂


why I no longer have a TV 🙂

Sketch80174459 (1)southwest2015

loving the southwest 🙂


everyone needs a little flower growing out of their head 🙂


well click if you must 🙂

a few (old) Out Of My Mind Images to brighten up your day


for all those…worldwide…who’ve died tragically, unnecessarily, alone during the past 24 hours


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