can there be such a thing…

as too much mail?


I believe there can be and if you’re not receiving your fair share

it’s ’cause it’s coming to my mailbox 🙂

If it’s not personal correspondence from a relative or a friend and it finds it’s way into the metal receptacle attached to a post, curbside in front of my house, then it’s


and it’s driving me crazy


because it’s all got my name and address on it, which means I have to


for recycling 🙂

I used to wonder when I was helping to take care of my aging aunt, why she had a card table piled with (junk) mail in one of her upstairs bedrooms.  I finally realized that the amount of (junk) mail coming to her mailbox was more than her deteriorating mind was able to cope with…so she asked someone to put it

“out of sight, out of mind”

So will there come a day when I become overwhelmed by the amount of (junk) mail that I receive and I decide to hide it in one of my bedrooms on a card table?

I am much affeared that this day is not to far off…

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

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