a rule from school…


one little rule that could certainly make spaceship earth a more peaceful place to live

also seen at my g’kids school…


colorful cutting


find the face


artful picnic table


step up with angles


this little one was curious about me taking photos 🙂

always enjoy visiting the g’kids school

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the BIG 50…

yesterday was my son’s birthday 🙂


it doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 50 years since I first held that 7 pound 10 ounce new born baby on my chest…

this is what we looked like then


(the above photo taken by my ex)

this is what we look like now…with (almost) the whole family


son is the big guy on the left, then oldest grandson, grandson’s GF, great granddaughter, oldest granddaughter, youngest granddaughter, the matriarch (me 🙂 ), and youngest grandson

DIL is taking the photo 🙂

love you loads son, wishing you another 50


some stuff © Out Of My Mind Images 2015

fab footwear…

I’m always on the lookout for it 🙂


I haven’t worn stilettos since I graduated from high school.  The only white shoes my Mom could find (in January) to go with my white cap and gown were…you guessed…very, very high heels.

 It was an interesting experience wobbling up the steps to the stage, managing to cross the stage and then wobbling down the steps, all without falling flat on my face. 🙂

BTW this is central Florida footwear for the end of November!

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let’s fly…

with three of my favorite winged creatures 🙂


as a symbol, around the world, the butterfly has represented such things as:  “profound changes of the soul,” “conjugal bliss and joy,” our power to choose the path of our destiny, “resurrection, hope, joy, and new beginnings,”

my favorite of all though, is this,

The butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformations…the meaning associated with the butterfly emphasizes the ability to move from one state, perspective, lifestyle to another.

sounds quite nice doesn’t it?


drawing © Out Of My Mind Images 2015


In Memoriam


I was thirteen when (my very first niece) Laura was born prematurely.  And died.  At the time her condition was called hyaline membrane disease, today it’s called Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

If she had lived, this coming winter, she would have been 60 years old.

 I miss her even though I never knew her.

* * * * *

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backyard “stuff”

my backyard is mainly a huge live oak tree in the middle of some (crappy) grass…amazingly enough there’s a lot of NATURE going on back there 🙂


mushroom “wearing” a cap


some kind of small wasp…didn’t even know they were there until one day I stuck my hand in their nest when I was trying to move the chair.  the chair wasn’t moved and I was STUNG.  no problem, I put some ammonia on it and all was well 🙂


Purslane winding down after blooming, brilliantly, all summer 🙂

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