do squirrels eat mushrooms?

and the answer is:


they do

I have suspected for some time that my backyard squirrels were eating the mushrooms that grow abundantly there.  I would see mushrooms in various stages of disturbance and wondered what was causing the disturbance.  I knew that neither Baron (the Dachshund) nor I were backyard mushroom fans and wondered if my poor starving squirrels (who no longer have the wonderfulness of bird seed to fill their constantly empty bellies) were availing themselves of every possible food source in the back yard.  And lo and behold I caught one in the act yesterday (no photo…didn’t have the camera readily available).  Holding the mushroom in it’s tiny “hands”, he/she nibbled with gusto on the “cap” of a creamy colored mushroom.

So today I asked my favorite search engine, “do squirrels eat mushrooms?” and found an interesting answer courtesy of a National Geographic blog, located


Squirrels are quite intelligent and this article only confirmed what I had long suspected…that even if the world goes to hell in a hand basket that squirrels will survive 🙂


(The mushroom eating squirrels have not bothered this mushroom…so perhaps they know it would be a deadly meal…no matter how hungry they are.)

Happy Saturday to one and all 🙂

words and photo.© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

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