The Frog…


There actually is/was a cantina in Nogales Mexico, named The Frog (only in Spanish).  It caught my eye because of the painting of a frog on the exterior and because, at that time, I was very enamored of frogs.  My ardor has cooled quite a bit since I moved to Florida and have Bufo frogs in my back yard.  Bufo frogs are poisonous and Baron (the dachshund) thinks they make excellent playthings.  He’s had his third skirmish with one and since I had to think of a way to protect him, he now wears a soft muzzle when he takes his walks in the back yard.

I’m very happy to say, my cantina frog is just a nice, non-poisonous, garden variety frog 🙂

Happy Saturday!

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

6 thoughts on “The Frog…

  1. There are three different frogs living on my front porch right now. I see them every evening before I go to work. One is fairly normal — a toad. The other two look like strange, tropical frogs. I worry about them being Bufo.


    • And here I used to think that frogs could only cause warts (years ago when I was a kid). Now I find out that some are deadly…these days I’d never pick up a frog without gloves on. And poor Baron has to be on a leash (with a human attached) and wear a soft muzzle whenever he goes in the yard. Life is interesting 🙂

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  2. This is toooo fabulous Theanne, j’adore! The Bufo frog sounds like the Cane Toads they have over east, which are slowly making their way west unfortunately, horrid poisonous creatures.


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