hello there…

I believe it must be teatotaler Tuesday

(whoops…make that teetotaler)

however, even though our subject is in Mrs. Treacher’s Tea Shoppe

I’m not entirely sure she’s just having tea

(maybe tea with just a drop or two of Lydia Pinkham‘s herbal/alcohol concoction)


I’ve been watching a lot of pre 1950s movies lately and one of the first things you notice is that the women wore hats (trust me, I was alive back then and it’s absolutely true).  Upper class, middle class, lower class, (almost) all women wore hats.  Men wore hats too but their’s were exceedingly less impressive than what the ladies wore.

Straw, felt, cloth,..bows, chiffon, jewels…feathers, flowers, ferns…big, small, and everything inbetween…

hats were happening

and to my mind one of the more interesting styles was the Cloche

which is what my snippy tea shoppe lady is wearing

so I say

vive le chapeau!!!

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

2 thoughts on “hello there…

  1. The Lady Pinkham’s concoction looks so attractive… wonder how it tastes… maybe it’s just awfully bitter… 😀 I hope hats will happen again soon, snippy ladies look definitely much better with a hat. Love and kisses.


  2. One of my mother’s friends suggested she try Lydia Pinkham’s (for a “female complaint”)…which my mother did!! I was under 10 when she was using it…she took it by the tablespoonful. I must have nagged her to let me taste it…and, amazingly enough, she did. Being under 10 and a non-drinker 🙂 my palate was not very cultivated when it came to alcoholic beverages…what I remember was something quite strong…taste and smell…but I don’t remember it being unpleasant. In later years I realized that the combination of strong herbs and alcohol was quite potent. I’m not sure I would call it “smooth” but I don’t remember it being bitter. I wore fancy hats between the ages of say 13 and 26…after that not so much. Hats always flattened my hair which was a look I did not like…so while I liked hats, I didn’t particularly like them on me for that reason. (((((hugs)))))



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