from long ago and far away

once this was drawn and color penciled I decided it looked somewhat like a high school friend from years ago


This was taken with my little Canon Point and Shoot and, of course, edited in CPSP.  (To photograph, I hung it on a curtain with clothespins…note the upper left corner).

It appears my mind is running towards females who are drinking (see previous post), I have absolutely no idea about why this is.  I very rarely drink anymore, maybe one glass of wine at a family get together (alcohol contraindicated with one of the medications I take).  However, the other day I was thinking about how nice a finger of a good quality bourbon would taste.  Neat, no ice, no branch water…smooth!   Well there you go, perhaps this is the reason for my recent OOMMIs 🙂

Happy Monday

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

6 thoughts on “Brenda…

  1. I’ve been trying to get more into my face creations…so appreciate that you see that 🙂 Sort of a combining of faces and still life, having the face actually doing something. Every blog I think “well I’m not going to write anything today” and of course I do…just can’t help myself.


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