a small mystery…

I discovered these egg shaped pods (when shaken the seeds rattle) several years ago when deciding what to do with my deceased parents remaining possessions.

There was a time when items such as these egg shaped podsDSCN0411eggshapes2 were used when darning socks and cotton hose…they were called darning eggs.

My mystery remains…who is F.L.?

I don’t know which side of the family (my Mom’s or my Dad’s) these came from, so receive no help there.  My father’s mother’s name was Frances, however, her middle name started with a Y and her maiden name with a K.  His father’s mothers maiden name started with an L but her first name was Margaret.  (And yes I’m leaning toward these being from my father’s side of the family.)

Alas I fear I will go to the grave and this small mystery will never be solved.  I do imagine a  female ancestor sitting in the light of a kerosene lamp or candle of an evening…darning her husbands socks or her cotton hose.  Out of necessity repairing rather than throwing away.  And using a seed pod to accomplish same…amazing.

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

2 thoughts on “a small mystery…

  1. Hi Rosa, apparently the trick with darning was to be able to do it in such a neat and tidy manner that the darning didn’t leave ridges that would rub blisters on the feet. My mother never taught me to darn but I did try it one time on a “holey” pair of socks…wasn’t overly impressed with the result. From drawings I’ve seen of what is meant to be accomplished it’s almost like you’re doing a small knitting project. Not only can I not imagine taking the time to do that to a sock but having to do it while using a candle or kerosene lamp for illumination boggles my mind. No wonder in centuries gone by that husbands looking for wives who had skills such as darning…think of the money the wife saved


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